How to add photos to a Custom PDF

Custom PDF Requirements

  • Adobe Acrobat - To design your own custom PDF, you will need Adobe Acrobat. Our tools DO NOT support Adobe LifeCycle or other third party solutions. Adobe Acrobat Reader is not sufficient for setting up report templates as it does not allow you to create documents and is a read only application.

Note: If you do not have Adobe Acrobat or need assistance setting up your custom PDF Report Template, we can help. We offer customizations and can provide you with a quote to setup your report. Please contact us as

If you need general information on how to create a custom PDF you can view this article on custom PDFs.

One thing to keep in mind, is that the custom PDF is not dynamic. It cannot grow and shrink based on how many photos you have on your Multi-Photo picker. The amount of photos allowed in your custom PDF is limited to the amount that you put in your custom PDF. If you allow for 4 photos, and take 5 photos, you will only see 4 photos. It is important to keep this in mind when building your custom PDF. This also applies to sub-forms and photos within those sub-forms when using custom PDF.

This article is not going to go over how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro. It assumes you have sufficient working knowledge of the application. If you need help using Adobe Acrobat Pro there are plenty of free resources online. YouTube has many videos on how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro.


Single Photo Picker

Exactly like other field types, you are going to use the field key in the builder to map the information from the app to your custom PDF.

In the example below I have a single photo picker (photo_picker_21) in my form and when someone submits my form with this picture, I want it to get mapped to my custom PDF.


In Adobe Acrobat Pro, I am now going to create a BUTTON field. Since Adobe Acrobat doesn't have a specific field for mapping an image, you can use the button field type to display an image in your report. I can manipulate the dimensions by dragging the button boarders to meet my needs. This may take a bit of trial and error to get the photos to appear exactly as you'd like.

Next, you'll need to rename the button to the exact field key of your photo. In my case, it's photo_picker_21

You are done! Now all you'll need to do is save your custom PDF, upload to the builder, and save and publish your form in the builder. Don't like the size that it displays at? You can change the dimensions of the button to get a different size. This may take a bit of trial and error to get it to your taste.


Multiple Photo Capture

The process for adding a Multi Photo Picker to your custom PDF is almost exactly the same as the single photo capture, with just a few minor differences. In the example below I have a Multiple Photo Capture field with a field key of multiphoto_picker_22


Here are where the few differences come into play. Now I am in Adobe Acrobat Pro, and I need to think about the maximum amount of photos I want to bring into my custom PDF. At the beginning of this article I explained that custom PDFs are not dynamic. Meaning I need to create a button field for each spot where I want to allow a photo into my custom PDF. This means that if I create two button fields and take only one photo in the app then only one photo will show in the custom PDF. But if I take 4 photos, only the first two will show in your custom PDF.

In the example below, I have created two button fields in Adobe Acrobat Pro and sized them according to my needs. Since Adobe Acrobat doesn't have a specific field for mapping an image, you can use the button field type to display an image in your report.

Now, I need to change their names to match the field key of my multi photo picker. The only difference now is I need to signify which one is photo 1 and photo 2. You do that very simply by adding a _1 and _2 at the end of the field key for each photo.


If I wanted to add a few more photos to my PDF, then I would simply add those button fields and name them with a _3 and _4 at the end of the name. Very simple to do once you understand the naming convention.


Adding Captions/Comments from photo field

I am going to use the same example as the Multiple Photo Capture section to illustrate my point.


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