List Questions and Answers

Here are some general questions and answers that we've received about lists.

 1) What is the Name in a list?

The name is what is shown/displayed in the apps. This does not have to be the same as the value, although it is set this way by default.

2) What is the Value?

The Value is what is shown on the reports. They would not be the same in many instances, most often used with calculations to automatically calculate different fields in your form.

3) What is the Filter Key?

The Filter Key is used to filter your list based on another list (see this video for more info on this -->

4) What is the Score?

This is also used in calculations. You can assign a numerical score to a list selection. For example, if you have a product price list, you can assign numeric values to your products and pull those into a calculation field to use for calculations etc.


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