Filtering a list based on user

This will be walking you through how to add a "Current User Variable" to a list option in your form. This will allow you to create a list that will be filtered based on who is currently logged into the app. This is a great feature if you only want the user who is logged in to be able to see certain items in a list. To set this up, follow the steps below.

In the example below there are three different inspectors, Josh, Andrew, and Adam, who will be filling out this form. Depending on which inspector is logged in to use the form; they will be limited to which items they can see on the list.

1) Open your current form or create a new form

2) Add the "List" field where you want it to appear in the form

3) In the "Field Filter Key" enter CURRENT_USER_VAR




4) Enter in the list the name you want to be populated into your list in "Name" and now to link the name to each user you will need to enter the user's email address into the "Filter Key"


Now once you publish your form only the user that opens the form on their device will be available for selection on this list.

So now when Josh is logged in to complete the form he can only see the Sheds option.


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