Alert Type (Field Colors)

Alert Type (Field Colors)

Alert Types can be generally described and understood as “coloring an individual field.” Adding alert types to your form can transform it from a bland, white, generic form that is difficult to understand, to a very cohesive and easy to understand, flowing document.

We have 4 colors available to form builder:

  1. Green - Success
  2. Blue - Info
  3. Yellow - Warning
  4. Red - Error

Each color has a name (eg. “Success” , “Info” etc...) that represents a scenario in which the color might be desired for clarification within the app.

Colored Example (In-App, iOS)


Non-Colored Example (In app, iOS)


How do I add an “Alert” to my fields?

Adding a color to a field is an easy task once you know the steps. Colors can only be applied in the Portal/Formbuilder online, and can only be viewed in the app.


1. Select the field you would like to color and see the options on the right-hand side of the page.



2. Select the dropdown list under “Alert Type”, then select the color you would like.



Once you select the color, just save and publish your form to update your in-app version.


Limitations of Alert Types

1. When you color a field, it ONLY affects the in-app experience. It does not change the color of the fields in the form builder, nor does it change the color of the field in the reports.

2. The specific shades of the colors cannot be changed

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