Preview Function

Note: Custom S3 accounts need to enable CORS S3 bucket for the Preview function to be available for use.

Purpose: The purpose of our Preview Function is to be able to see what your form will look like on your mobile device and how it will function without having to Publish your form or use your mobile device.

Capabilities: You are able to preview your form as it would appear and function on your device, this will show you the most recently saved version of your form whether is Published Live or just Staged. This allows to you make changes to your form and see the results on your computer without publishing your form. You will not be able to submit any forms from here nor will you be able to view your reports, this is only for previewing your form as it would appear on your mobile device.

You are only able to use the Preview Function from within the Form Builder and can't send the form out for review by other users using this function.

Location: The Preview Function is located in the Form Builder on the right side next to the 'help' button.


Access: In addition to the Admin Role only the Builder will be able to access the Preview Function as it is in the Form Builder.

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