Release Notes - 05/16/2017


  • Fixed a bug where the Yes/No/NA field wasn't working correctly when NA was excluded
  • Fixed a bug with generic word reports where reports weren't correctly inputting subform data when "Exclude Empty from Report" was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the FTP filename was being truncated when the display mask had a "#" sign in the mask
  • Fixed a bug where the form summary report was incorrectly displaying the Yes/No/NA field as Yes/No/No
  • Fixed a dispatch recall bug where it wasn't recalling successfully if there was a duplicate id
  • Fixed a bug where dispatch by file was giving an error if no file was attached. Added better handling around displaying the error
  • Fixed a bug with forms that only had a single workflow action and wasn't displaying the action correctly on the Data page of the Admin Portal - was giving an error
  • Fixed a bug with lists where rules weren't correctly firing with multiple selections
  • Fixed a bug with the variable field where it wasn't correctly displaying a user's email address


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