Release Notes - 04/07/2017


  • Fixed an issue with userCreate
  • Fixed a few issues with SQL workflow
  • Fixed an issue where editable PDF download wasn't displaying data correctly for multiple instances of a subform or repeating section
  • Removed dashboarding visibility for the "Collector" role
  • Added better functionality for Mobile Trial Landing Page
  • Fixed an issue with subform photos not adhering to correct size in generic and custom reports
  • Fixed an issue where the geo location maps were sometimes displaying black maps
  • Added increased size for "Help" panel
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances exporting in excel format would give a generation error
  • Fixed an issue where list values that had an extra space at the end were giving issues with rules and calculations - added functionality where blank spaces are now automatically trimmed
  • Fixed an issue where custom pdf and word templates weren't getting copied
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