FastField to Gmail to Google Drive

The process outlined in this article is made possible by using 3rd party tools. Because we do not have any control over these 3rd party tools and processes, the FastField Support Team cannot support or troubleshoot problems if they arise. We have heard of clients having great success with the outlined process, however if incorporated into your delivery processes you do so at your own risk. Thanks for your understanding

-FastField Support Team


This integration with Google Drive assumes you already have the Email(Gmail) integration setup in Workflow area of your form. If you do not have this setup yet and would like to learn how, click here to watch an overview video.

1. Clicking here will take you to the 3rd party developers site (, where he has a video overview and directions. Watch the video. He will explain thoroughly what the tool is, how to configure, and some of the options.

2. Click here to navigate to download the Google Sheets add-on page. Click the blue "Free" button in the top right hand corner to download. Essentially, Google sheets powers the connection between your Gmail account and your Google Drive account. This is the hub where you set your filters and parameters for email filtering. You can keep this google sheet opened on your browser to keep track of the emails and attachments that it has grabbed from your Gmail account to your Google Drive account.

3. If you have many different users submitting forms and sending documents to a particular email that you are sending to Google Drive, you may need to add a new rule for each user's email.






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