BETA: Form Variables - Form Scoring

If you'd like to calculate a score or risk value associated with a form, you can accomplish this in several different ways.  Traditionally, in FastField this is handled by using a rule script.  Form Variables now provide a simpler way or calculating scores without the need for script.  

Note: Variables currently support scoring on Yes/No/NA and List fields.

The following example illustrates how to implement scoring using Form Variables.  

In this example, we have an inspection form with 3 Yes/No/NA questions:

We want to provide an overall score based on how the user completes the form.  To accomplish this, we will add a Form Variable.  Click the Rules button on your form to open the Rules / Variable editor.

Click the Calculations/Variables tab, the click the green "+" button to add a New Variable.  The Variable window will appear as shown below:

Select the Yes/No/NA Score function from the list of available functions.  Then add each field to be included in the score:

Once you've added each field to be included, enter the appropriate score value for each respective question/answer.  These values will be used to calculate the score as the user completes the form.

To view your score in your form, add a Variable Display field and select your new Variable from the list as shown below:


List Field Scoring

In addition to scoring Yes/No/NA fields, you can leverage the List Score function to total up the scores for List fields. The only difference is the scoring function uses the built in Score value defined in the list field instead.



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