Release Notes - 03/02/2017


Dropbox Integration
Dropbox integration is now live! - Please see the following article for setup instructions:

Reporting Button
New Reporting Area (BETA) - We've released a new button to configure your reports.  This also includes an additional capability to deliver Word reports.  View the following videos/articles for more information:

Delivery Button
Previously our "Form Delivery/Workflow" area was a little hidden. We have created a new "Delivery" button right on the builder for easy access



-Fixed a bug where you couldn't get map multi-photos in custom word templates
-Fixed a bug where the script/rule validator wasn't showing up
-Fixed a bug where excel export wasn't mapping fields correctly in certain situations
-Fixed a bug with uploading lookup lists with certain special characters
-Fixed other various word bugs
-Reduced max video capture to 30 seconds max to reduce file sizes




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