Menu Bar - My Forms, View Dispatches, Manage Lists, Query/Export Data, Manage Users, Add Users

The above menu bar is a new solution to help you quickly access your most commonly frequented areas of our online portal. Below will be a short description for reach of these links and where they will bring you.


My Forms

This area is where you can manage your already created forms, organize them into libraries (folders), assign user library permissions, edit your forms, view form history/versions and recover deleted forms.

View Dispatches

This area is where you can view the status on all of your dispatches. Whether they are open, started or completed you will be able to see where and who these dispatches are assigned to. You can also use advanced filtering to filter your dispatches by a number of search criteria.



Manage Lists

This area brings you to where you can upload and manage your global and lookup lists.



Query/Export Data

This area is where you can search and filter through your submitted forms. You can also export your submissions into many different formats including JSON, Excel, CSV, PDF etc


Manage Users

This area will bring you to where you can manage your users. Including and not limited to assigning permissions, adding and deleting users etc



Add User

This button will bring you to a screen where you can add a user to your account. You can also assign permissions, user groups and libraries while adding a user.



Download Apps

This is where you can download the app onto your device. You can either choose to send a text message to your phone or copy the link




For context sensitive help you can always click the help button and search our help documentation. As always, if you can't find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the "Leave us a Message" button and we'll contact you shortly.


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